Secudea was founded by Dieter Sarrazyn and aims to provide its security Services, knowledge and expertise to organisations active within or having an ICS/SCADA/OT (operational technology) environment. This can be any of the following Services within the operation or information technology field: awareness sessions, ICS Security training, (technical) security assessments, SCADA/ICS/OT security consultancy. These services will help you to achieve a higher security level or your environment without impacting functionality, business and processes.

Secudea has formed a Collaboration Network with various other organisations, each with specific core competences and capabilities, to be able to provide a wider range of Services to its customers in both the operation technology (OT) as well as the information technology (IT) landscape. At the same time, we offer our own services through these organisations to their end customers as well. It is the strength of this collaboration network that creates unsurpassed services and remediation to specific concerns or issues raised by your organisation.

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