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Secudea BV (“Secudea”) makes the use of this website available to you on the following conditions (the « Terms of Use »). Use of the Secudea website automatically implies acceptance of these Terms of Use. Secudea reserves the right to amend the Terms of Use and to make the amended Terms of Use public without prior notification.

1. Use and Intellectual Property Rights
a. All information on this website is made available free of charge unless stated otherwise. All information is exclusively intended for your personal and non commercial use. All data made available on this website are for information purposes only.
b. All rights vested in the Secudea Website, including any intellectual property rights, including but not limited to copyright, are the exclusive property of Secudea or the third party named in respect thereof.
c. Nothing in these Terms of Use, nor the use of the Secudea Website, shall be interpreted as granting, explicitly or implicitly, any right or licence with respect to the Secudea Website of any contents thereof. It is strictly forbidden to copy or otherwise reproduce or distribute or publicize the Secudea Website or any information made available thereon, without the prior written approval of Secudea, with the exception of reproduction for strictly personal and non commercial use and on condition that any information so reproduced shall not be amended and the source shall be clearly mentioned on each reproduction thus made.d. For any queries with regard to the reproduction of materials found on the Secudea Website you can contact Secudea via the mechanisms indicated on the Secudea Website ‘Contact’ page.

2. Linking and Hyperlink Disclaimer
a. On request of Secudea, any link to the Secudea Website shall be immediately removed.
b. The Secudea Website may contain links to third party websites. Such links to third party websites do not imply that Secudea accepts any liability for these websites, their content or the use thereof. Secudea does not have any control over these websites and can not give any warranties with respect to their completeness, correctness, or safety of use. Secudea accordingly does not accept any liability whatsoever, neither implicitly nor explicitly, with regard to your accessing of such websites by visiting such third party websites by making use of the link mentioned on the Secudea Website. By clicking on such link you have decided to leave the Secudea Website and you have gained access, strictly at your own responsibility, to third party websites which may have their own terms of use. As soon as you access such third party website, all your actions and the consequences thereof form part of your relationship with such third party. Secudea does not accept any liability for any contract or other legal relationship you may enter into with such third party and Secudea is not liable for any breach of your contractual or other legal relationship with such third party.

3. Disclaimer
a. Secudea does not accept any liability for any conditions, warranties or other elements with regard to the contents of and information on the Secudea Website, nor with respect to the delivery or non-delivery or delay of any service in relation to the Secudea Website. Secudea does not accept any responsibility with respect to the accuracy, completeness or correctness of the contents of the Secudea Website, or with regard to any of its contents being up to date.
b. Users of the Secudea Website understand and accept that they use the Secudea Website entirely at their own risk and that Secudea does not warrant that the Secudea Website will meet your expectations or requirements, nor that the Secudea Website will be available at all times or will be free of default or safe for use. All contents of the Secudea Website are being made available « as they are/as they are available ». Secudea does not provide any warranties, neither explicity nor implicity, with regard to the contents of or the services made available on the Secudea Website. Secudea reserves the right to alter or remove at any time and at its own discretion, any of the contents or services offered on the Secudea Website.

4. Liability
a. Nor Secudea, nor any of the people in any way associated with Secudea, can be held liable for any damage or loss to you or a third party, including but not limited to any direct of indirect loss or damage, loss of profit, goodwill, data or contracts, as a result of the existence of the Secudea Website, your use of the Secudea Website or the results thereof, or the non availability of the use of the Secudea Website, including but not limited to any damage to your software or data due to viruses following your use of the Secudea Website or damage as a result of downloading material made available on the Secudea Website or third party websites linked to the Secudea Website.
b. Users of the Secudea Website agree to waive any rights of claim they may have against Secudea or any of the people in any way associated with Secudea and to make good any direct of indirect damage or loss to such parties caused by their breach of the Terms of Use.

5. Law and Jurisdiction
a. Your use of the Secudea Website and its Terms of Use are subject to Belgian Law. Secudea reserves the right to legally persue any breach of the Terms of Use. Any dispute with regard the Secudea Website and/or your use thereof is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of Gent, Belgium.

6. Privacy Notice & Cookies
a. Secudea respects your privacy. Most information accessible on or via the Secudea Website is available without the need to provide personal information. In certain cases you may however be requested to submit personal information. In such case your personal information shall be treated in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and any amendments hereof.
b. All personal information made available by you will be treated solely for the purpose of making the requested information or services available to you. Your personal information will not be shared with third parties, but it may be used for authentication, support & marketing purposes in relation with services provided by Secudea.
c. We will only keep your personal information for as long as is required to provide you with the requested information or services, or for any longer period as may legally be required.
d. It is our goal to reasonably protect the personal information made available by you from third parties.
e. You have the right to consult, correct, adjust or have removed your personal details by written request to Secudea. If you decide to get your information removed, you understand and accept that you will lose all access to any resources that require the use of these personal details, such as parts of the website that require authentication.
f. When using this website, cookies may be be used. You do not have to accept cookies to be able to use this website, but we may attempt to set a temporary cookie to determine if your browser accepts cookies. This cookie contains no personal data and can be discarded when you close your browser. When you log in, we will also set up several cookies to save your login information and your screen display choices. Cookies may be used to display advertisements or to collect statistics about the use of the website.
g. This privacy policy may be amended by Secudea at any time.

7. Security
a. Secudea reserves the right to block access from any IP address, at any time, without prior notice, whenever necessary to prevent hacking, ensure integrity, confidentiality and availability of the Secudea Website.
b. Any attempts to breach the security of the Secudea Website are strictly prohibited and can lead to prosecution.

8. Contact
If you have any questions, comments or queries regarding this Policy, you can contact us by email at info@secudea.be