Collaboration Network

Secudea collaborates closely with the following organisations to provide a wider range of services to its customers in both the OT as well as the IT landscape. At the same time, we offer our own services through these organisations to their  customers as well. It is the strength of this collaboration network that creates unsurpassed services and remediation to specific concerns or issues raised by your organisation.

Onrix supports customers identify their most critical digital assets and support a program tailored to mitigate casual human errors and specific cyber risks. The approach taken relies on a methodology aimed at focusing on the critical impact potential of digital systems loss or unreliability.


The goal of Asvalis is to help companies throughout the world to improve their security and secure their critical business assets. Asvalis provides Technical Security Testing (Infrastructure, Web and OT / SCADA / ICS) as well as CISO support, Training, Awareness workshops and gives Public presentations.

Corelan Consulting provides CyberSecurity services, ICT Infrastructure services and Coaching & mentorship. Through its training department, Corelan delivers the world-renowned Corelan training classes.