Within the Collaboration Network, we offer the following Cybersecurity services for industrial and information systems:

  • Cybersecurity risk assessments
  • Vulnerability gap analysis
  • Technical security testing
  • Workshops & trainings
  • Security consultanty

Secudea offers the following services within industrial control system environments (also known as SCADA or Operation Technology (OT) environments):

  • (technical) assessments of ICS/SCADA/OT environments
  • (technical) assessments of other environments
  • ICS/SCADA/OT security consultancy
  • ICS security Training
  • ICS security awareness workshops
  • guidance of security solutions implementations
  • CISO support
  • security FAT/SAT testing services
  • Guiding vendors/integrators in achieving IEC62443 compliance
  • Vendor Validation services (related to FAT/SAt testing)

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