Cybersecurity testing for ICS – pitfalls and wins

This is a (long overdue) followup post of the talk I gave at the SANS ICS Summit in 2021 - a recording of this talk can be found on youtube: I suggest you to first look at the recording of the talk before reading further about some questions I have received during the talk.… Continue reading Cybersecurity testing for ICS – pitfalls and wins

Resources to get into #ICS security

Recently I received some questions on what resources I would recommend within the ICS security space to learn more about this. So the question was more specifically about discussion groups, courses, books, certificates and so on... This was also a twitter thread from a while ago to which I responded with some information I share… Continue reading Resources to get into #ICS security

Security testing for ICS Owners – Back to Basics – recording

The video recording of the presentation that I gave at CS3STHLM last year can be found on Youtube: Enjoy watching and when performing security tests within ICS environments, don't forget to look at the basics 😉

Security testing for ICS Owners – Back to Basics …

Why “Back to basics” regarding security testing? Well... during several previous security assessments that I have performed, I have run into a lot of the issues mentioned within the presentation I have given on this years CS3STHLM conference in Stockholm. Sometimes I also have the feeling that too much attention is given to technical and… Continue reading Security testing for ICS Owners – Back to Basics …